Locked-Up Sheep

    I remember countless reports throughout my lifetime of children who were locked in their rooms for months on end, barely fed, not bathed, with no affection or care. These children sometimes could not speak or were so malnourished that they were unable to stand with long-term physical problems. 

    The same is true for many sheep these days. They are happily locked in their rooms, cut off from truth, removed from the ability to apprehend or live out their Christian lives with others, and they are never taught how to hear and speak the doctrines of Christ. So, they have long-term spiritual problems until someone, a caring sibling or shepherd, takes them in and gives them the bread of life unto their nourishment.

    We have a pandemic of spiritual proportions in America, yet we as believers are upset over everything else. Wake up! It ain't about the life we live on Earth.

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