The Power of God Unto Salvation

    If you are going to command a lame man to take the first step… if you are going to call upon dead sinners to live….if you are going to insist that a maniac make a right decision…you’d better have a Gospel that is the power of God unto salvation, or else you mock the souls of men. You had better be speaking for the One, of the One, and with the power and blessing of the One Who is able to save to the uttermost those who come unto God by Him. Salvation is not in the ability of the preacher, nor is it contingent upon what men will do, but it is sure to all of God’s elect, because of Christ and what He did do. Christ does not taunt the lame with the bargain that if they will only take a step, He will save them. He saves them, by the preaching of the Gospel, and then they leap and shout and praise God.

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