Good News From Heaven

“I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known Thy faithfulness to all generations.” - Psalm 89:1 

    What was it which made David so desirous to sing of the mercies of the Lord? What was it that warmed and emboldened him at all events to make known Jehovah’s faithfulnessfrom one generation to another? It was the glorious gospel of the blessed God, seen in the light of the Spirit and experienced through the influence of grace. Here is the reason for David’s zeal: “For I have said, Mercy shall be built up for ever, Thy faithfulness shalt Thou establish in the very heavens” (v. 2). What is this mercy that is “built up for ever,” but the glorious and the gracious scheme, the glorious and the gracious fabric of our salvation, founded in the eternal purpose of God carried into execution by the labors and the death of Jesus Christ – and then applied and brought home to the heart by the illuminating and converting power of the Holy Ghost? This is that mercy which is “built up for ever.” It was planned from everlasting and will know no ruin nor decay through the measureless line of eternity itself. Who is the builder of this fabric? Not man’s free-will; not man’s own righteousness nor wisdom; not human power nor human skill. Every true believer will here join with David that it is God and God alone Who builds up the temple of His church and Who, as the builder of it, is alone entitled to all the glory.

   The elect constitute and form one grand house of mercy; a house erected to display and to perpetuate the riches of the Father’s free grace, of the Son’s atoning mercies and of the Holy Ghost’s effectual agency. This house, contrary to the fateof all terrestrial buildings, will never fall down, nor ever be taken down, as nothing can be added to it, so nothing can be diminished from it. Fire cannot injure it, storms cannot overthrow it, age cannot impair it. It is as immovable as the rock on which it stands, the three-fold rock of God’s indestructible decree, of Christ’s finished redemption and of the Spirit’s neverfailing faithfulness.

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