Longing For Home

“And Mephibosheth said unto the King, yea, let him (Ziba) take all, forasmuch as my Lord the king is come again in peace unto his own house.” - 2 Sam. 19:30

    I suppose as we grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, this attitude should be seen and experienced in every believer. As we move along in our pilgrimage upon this earth, towards our promised rest this heart felt love regarding ‘our King’ is of utmost importance to us. We really have little concern for the things of this world and its grip upon us is less and less, that’s not to say that the old man is and will always find pleasure here, but the inward man, the one renewed daily in His word and by His grace, says the same words as our brother Mephibosheth!

    Let them take all; all the land, all the money, all the STUFF that is only weighting us down (especially in these United States); for we must have and must cherish HIM. We become only concerned that our king has come in peace, i.e. given us peace, that peace that passes all understanding. Peace from the curse of the law, from all legal aspects of modern religion, and the peace of God purchased for us in the blood and righteousness of King Jesus. His own house, that is, the house that has been purged and totally swept clean by the one who is stronger than all our foes (including ourselves).

    Oh, I truly love these little bits of ‘honey out of the rock’-- it does my soul good and sets, once again, my eyes upon the ‘King in whose law I delight’. Let us this day, brethren, sing the notes of highest praise to the one who is unchallenged upon His throne.

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