Let Us Mind the Two Bears

"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy." - Matthew 5:7

    It is not fitting that the person who will not forgive should be forgiven, nor that the person who will not give to the poor should have their own needs relieved.  God will measure us by our own measures.  And those who have been hard masters and hard creditors will find that the Lord will deal in a hard way with them.  "For judgment without mercy to one who has shown no mercy" (James 2:13).

    This day let us try to give and to forgive.  Let us mind the two "bears" -- "bear" and "forbear."  Let us be kind and gentle and tender.  Let us not put harsh constructions on men's conduct, nor drive hard bargains, nor pick foolish quarrels, nor be difficult to please.  Surely we want to be blessed, and we also want to obtain mercy.  So let us be merciful, that we may have mercy.  Let us fulfill the condition, that we may earn the blessing.  Is it not a pleasant duty to be kind?  Is there not much more sweetness in it than in being angry and ungenerous?  Why, there is a blessing in the act itself!  Moreover, obtaining mercy is a rich reward.  Only sovereign grace could suggest such a promise as this!  We are merciful to our fellow mortals in pennies, and the Lord forgives us "all that debt" (Matt. 18:32).

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