The Truth is the Truth

    The truth is the truth, no matter who said it.   That's the philosophy behind the articles on this site.  And I believe in publishing the truth from wherever it may come.  I'll even sing hymns if they are edifying and uplifting.  It doesn't matter to me who wrote them.  

    I know some folks may disagree with my policy.  Some have even voiced their concern to me many times.  And believe me, I understand where they are coming from.  It can be difficult for me even at times.  And some just can't see past the name and the picture next to the article.  Even the disclaimer which is at the bottom of every page does not satisfy.  If you're one of these types, I'd encourage you to look past these things and just focus on the content.  Don't let names and pictures get in the way of enjoying good Gospel material.  And remember that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.  I'll try to keep on publishing good stuff here on Pristine Grace, and if you come across something you don't like, just let me know.  Thanks!

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