The Wonder of it All

    I can appreciate the ability of the learned botanist to give me the scientific name of a rose, the origin of it, the various types, how and where they grow, and the number of petals, thorns, and leaves to expect on a genuine rose; but, too often, those who become overly entangled in these things somehow lose the most important things—the beauty and fragrance of the rose!

    I hope in our teaching, preaching, and witnessing concerning the gospel of our dear Saviour we do not become more concerned with the system than the sweetness, with the mechanics rather than the mercy, with the right terminology rather than the right spirit and attitude. You will soon weary my head if you don’t warm my heart; and while I am eager to learn more of how, why, and when I got in Christ, I would like to rejoice and enjoy my relationship with Christ!

    He is my Rose of Sharon which brightens my life and sends his sweet fragrance through my soul. One can preach about Christ and not preach Christ, just as one can know how God saves sinners and not be a saved sinner. “O the wonder of it all, just to think that Christ loves me.”

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