Grace Killing Phrases

There are phrases that are repeated over and over in the pulpits of America today, especially in the Charismatic circles. These phrases should be removed from our mind and our mouth as we would remove a cancer:

  1. "You have to pray through"
  2. "God will not accept you without a gift"
  3. "You have to fast to get blessed"
  4. "God will not disrespect your will"
  5. "The Holy Spirit is a gentleman"
  6. "You need to do your best for God to be blessed"
  7. "God does not care about your need, he wants your faith"
  8. "You have to repeat this (...) prayer to be saved"
  9. "If you do not send me money, people will go without the Gospel"
  10. "If we don't have money to send preachers, people will go to hell"
  11. "I feel the blessing bouncing back to me when I pray for you..."
  12. "Pray for the Holy Spirit to "rain down" on you"
  13. "Seek the Holy Spirit"
  14. "Hold to God's unchanging hand"
  15. "There is a new name written down in Glory"
  16. "They backslid, therefore they lost their Salvation"
  17. "You do not have faith enough"
  18. "You have to confess the Word to receive your blessing"
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