Errors of Modern Evangelists

     The fundamental errors of modern evangelists are:

  1. They teach neither the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD nor the TOTAL DEPRAVITY OF MEN.
  2. They do not teach God's UNCONDITIONAL ELECTION of a people in Christ to be redeemed by His faithful obedience and death. Instead they preach an impotent god who waits to see who will and who will not believe.
  3. They do not teach an EFFECTUAL ATONEMENT accomplished by our Redeemer, but rather make His precious blood to be only an offer, not a sin offering!
  4. They do not teach the OMNIPOTENT SPIRIT of Christ who quickens whom He will and gives life to His sheep, convicts of sin and calls men to Christ.
  5. They do not teach the PRESERVATION NOR PERSEVERANCE OF BELIEVERS. Instead they tell men they may be saved today and lost again tomorrow, or they can accept Jesus as their personal saviour today and live all their lives without worship, commitment,or stewardship of grace, and nevertheless, end up in heaven! Modern preachers do not know nor Preach THE GOSPEL!
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