Let Us Be Positive

    Brothers, let us be very careful that we do not make our religion a matter of what error we don't believe and what abuses we don't practice. Satan lays a devious trap in the way of many by making them think that the recognition of error is the same thing as the belief of the truth or that recognizing the wrong path is the same thing as walking on the right path. I have met people whose entire religion lay in what false doctrine they did not believe and what "inconsistent" practices they didn't practice. They would never stoop to use an invitation system or support anyone who does, but then, neither did they ever testify of the gospel in the proper way or support anyone who did. They have a long list of churches they despise but no church they love. They would never think of being yoked under the bondage of the law, but neither do they gladly receive the yoke of Christ. They do not believe in tithing yet never practice cheerful giving. They are careful never to cause one to stumble and seem just as cautious never to pick up the downfallen. They loudly speak of false doctrines they despise, but one never hears a loving declaration of the truth from their lips. They are all negative and no positive. God grant us grace not to be like that! While "eschewing evil," let us be careful to also "love what is good." While exposing "the unfruitful deeds of darkness," let us also be careful to "live as children of light." Let us not be negative, but positive. 

Topics: Neo-Gnosticism
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