Eat the Meat and Spit out the Bones!

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. - 1 Th. 5:21

    Time and time again, people have written me about the list of authors and speakers on this website.  They'll often state that they like the material on this site, but that there are a lot of men that I have quoted that are quite dubious and I should avoid them at all cost.  In fact, some will even state that I've completely ruined my ministry by quoting this person or that person (that they deem to be a heretic.).

    My oh my, how daring would it be to read content without knowing who the author is and just simply holding fast to that which is good?  I've taken great pains to post mostly articles and sermons that speak of the truth.  Doctrines like the well-meant offer and common grace or warmed over arminianism are not at all promoted on this site.  And it's true that some of the men I have quoted have compromised on the truth from time to time.  But as Henry Mahan once said, even a donkey knows not to chew on the briars.  And that old saying, eat the meat and spit out the bones holds true for me.

    There is not a man alive that I agree with perfectly on every single thing.  And we as people will always encounter someone who we don't agree with.  This is true for big and small things.  And the study of doctrine certainly brings out disagreements amongst people.    But we should not be ones that are prone to argue, prone to debate, and prone to bash one another.  We simply walk away from those we find disagreements with.  Reading a particular author, or quoting an individual doesn't mean you endorse that person on every single thing they ever said.  I don't even agree with everything I've ever said or even written in the service of our Lord!  I have to go back continually and re-edit my material, as I am still learning, and growing as a believer.  I look back on my previous writings from ten, twenty years ago, and cringe.  Does that mean everything I have written is bad?  No.  It just means I'm a sinful person.  A sinful man that is, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

    A student of Gospel doctrine first of all always turns to the scriptures for reading and for studying.  We will be taught by the Holy Spirit for HE is the teacher, and we have need of NO MAN, as the Lord is perfectly capable and indeed will teach all of His elect people (1 John 2:27).  But He has given us the benefit of many servants of God over the years for our instruction and edification.  The writings of Toplady, Gill, Bunyan, Luther, Mahan, Fortner, Calvin, etc., they are riddled with error.  Some of this error is great, and some is small.  Such are the ways of men.  But this material, while fallible, can still be beneficial.  It can be good food for the soul, and good meat for the weary traveller.

    Some men dislike Spurgeon so much that they will shut their eyes and hold their hands over their ears whenever he is quoted.  Spurgeon had his faults, no doubt.  He was a man, like all of us.  But much of his material is very sound, and edifying when I read it.  The doctrine of free and sovereign grace is evident in much of his material.  A Gospel without works and a Savior full of discriminating and everlasting love for His people is evident in most of his sermons and material.  Shall we throw out all of this man's works simply because you found a sermon or two, or three or four where you think he went astray?  For me, no I cannot do this.  I am no spurgeonist, but I will defend this man as one who gave evidence of His love for the Gospel and for His people.  

    Some men won't read Don Fortner because they believe many of the accusations that were laid charge to him by well meaning brethren.  But they're missing out!  Go pick up his book on revelation, and his commentaries.  Go pick up his daily devotional and listen to his preaching, and you will be greatly edified.  I don't agree with bro. Don Fortner on everything.  But I agree with him on this: Salvation is by free and sovereign grace.  I agree with him that God is still on His throne and He REIGNS over all things.  

    Don't let the name next to the article dissuade you from reading something that is pleasing to your soul.  Don't let other men tell you who you should or shouldn't read or listen to!  Make up your own mind.  And if you taste some unsavory bones that you don't like, spit them out, be encouraged, and hold fast to that which is good.

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