Ye Have Need of Patience
Hebrews 10:36

     Moses believed God had raised him up to deliver Israel; so when he saw the Egyptian smiting the Israelite (being a strong and important man), He thought the time and place seemed favorable to him. But God's time had not come. Moses must have more patience, wisdom, and humility. The Lord sent him forty years to the desert to QUALIFY him for HIS WORK. The Lord was teaching him patience, humility, and wisdom. After forty years in the wilderness, he did not run so zealously; for he said, "O Lord, send by whom Thou wilt send. I am not eloquent. I am slow of speech." THERE WAS NOT A WORD ABOUT ALL THIS FORTY YEARS AGO! But now that the Lord has been qualifying him for His ministry, Moses shrinks back and does not want to go; but the Lord had determined to send him. Moses had need of patience before the Lord made known His truth to him and brought him forth to lead His people out of bondage.

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