The Incomparable Joy of Predestinarian Faith

     Dr. George Ella states this most timely and relevant truth in the Letters section of the April/May issue of New Focus magazine:

     One conventionalism in professedly 'Reformed' magazines, is to regard themselves as the yardstick of what 'Calvinistic' means throughout all their changing expressions of it. Their modern fashion is to use Freudian psychoanalysis to bring down our Sovereign God nearer to the ruined psyche of man, speaking of His will being different from his desire. They even declare that God's behavior and His Word reflect His paradoxical nature. They tell us that God's sunny-side has designed a gospel of salvation for all but His shadowy side will not allow men to receive it. This, they say, is the Reformed faith as taught by Paul, Augustine, and Calvin. The corollary these Job's comforters give us is that because the gospel significance of God's nature as a means of grace is rendered ineffective, obedience to the Mosaic law as an unchanging standard must be emphasized all the more. Man needs a guide and this must be found in law as grace is a mere psychogenetic paradox The trustees, editors and writers of these new divinity publications have thus published articles recently condemning Go Publications and its organ New Focus as Hyper-Calvinistic and Antinomian, pathologically diagnosing that such as ourselves do not "confront their hearers with the immediate responsibility of trusting Christ, directly encouraging them to trust him, and appealing to them to do so now!"

     Happily, on examination, these sub-evangelists' definitions of Hyper-Calvinism and Antinomianism indicate that their Hyper-Calvinists are more Bible-oriented than they are and their Antinomians are, in fact, Anti-Legalists. So these Freudian stones thrown at us lose their hurting power. Such a psycho-neurotic gospel which describes God as being eternally in conflict with His own nature, with His basic instincts contradicted by His controlling power, is a dangerous psychosis at best and a blasphemous religion at its worst. We therefore feel ourselves fully justified in preaching the old-time religion of a Trinity of Unity and an infallible Bible which enable us to go into all the world preaching the full gospel to all men everywhere so that God might add daily to His Kingdom such as are saved. Only by preaching the full gospel of our immutable God can full salvation ensue. What use is a 'free-offer' if it is a mock-gospel which is freely offered?

     Dr. Ella in this letter defends the incomparable gospel truths of sovereign grace that we at 5solas (Editor’s note - Now PristineGrace) are trying to uphold! He does so with a brilliance, conviction, and passion that exceed the writings of most men. What a contrast between this gospel truth and the nauseous shibboleths of neo-Spurgeonism and Dabneyism--which have become the supposedly 'irrefutable' standard of the immensely dark and apostate times of post-modern 'Calvinism (?)'!

     I enjoy my predestinarian faith! Being grounded in the eternal grace of Jesus Christ that was purposed by a most wonderful and sovereign God, this faith exposes the doctrinal wares of the churchmen described by Dr. Ella as mere drivel. I do not need to be scolded for having 'too high' of a view of election--one that needs to be balanced by a sense of the 'fearfulness' of 'responsibility.' Neither does anyone else! There is nothing that exalts my love for Christ and desire to serve him more than the glorious realization of his grace in election without works! I pity those who claim that their prayer life, zeal for evangelism, and desire to serve God is hindered by a high view of grace and predestination. May the Lord grant them repentance and the true joy of the everlasting gospel!

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