Where are we looking for the hope of our salvation?

     Where are we looking for the hope of our salvation? Surely if am looking within myself for anything I have done to cause or bring about my completed salvation that is totally in Jesus Christ, I have been deceived for there is nothing within me that deserves a Holy God being merciful to one that is full of sin from birth like me.

     Then this salvation from sin must be the working of God and his blessed Son's by the blood of his Son and the power of God in me to looking and having hope, and full assurance that that my faith to trust in Jesus Christ doing away with all my sins on the cross is of him the author and finisher of my faith. So l have nothing to boast about, for all the glory and praise is to God and Jesus Christ my savior.

     For we are taught by the word of God that our salvation is completely by, and of the Lord our righteouness.

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