What is the Christian Gospel?

     Evangel is a Greek word, meaning glad tidings, good news, welcome information, a shout, or something that makes oft sing, talk or rejoice. When David defeated the giant Goliath, there was a great shout, and an encouraging message was passed round among the Jews to say that their terrible enemy had been killed, and that they were free to enjoy liberty and peace; thereupon, they sang and danced, and made merry. Similarly, God's evangel, the New Testament, is a good piece of news, a war-cry. It was echoed throughout the world by the apostles. They proclaimed a true David, who had done combat with, and gained the victory over, sin, death, and the devil. In so doing, he had taken those who were enchained by sin, threatened by death, and overpowered by the devil; though they had merited no rewards he redeemed them, justified them, gave them life and salvation, and so brought them peace, and led them back to God.

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