Doctrine vs. Saving Faith

    I have heard people say, “Don’t preach doctrine to me.”  I say, “Preach sound doctrine to me!” There is no salvation without the preaching and hearing of true doctrine.  No one can believe on Christ until they have heard and believed the truth about Christ.  However, salvation and eternal life are much more than a mere head knowledge of true doctrine.

    Doctrine knows that all men died in Adam.  Saving faith believes that I died in Adam.  Doctrine knows that all men are sinful.  Saving faith believes that I am the sinner, the chief of sinners.  Doctrine knows that God elected a people unto salvation.  Saving faith believes that my only hope of salvation is that God chose me because left to myself I would never choose God.  Doctrine knows that Christ died for sinners.  Saving faith believes that the only way the sin of a sinner like me could be forgiven is if Christ died for me. Doctrine knows that Christ died for sin.  Saving faith believes that Christ’s death put away all of my sin.  Doctrine knows that life is in Christ.  Saving faith believes that Christ is my life. Doctrine knows that righteousness is in Christ.  Saving faith believes that Christ is my righteousness.

    O may God be pleased to give me a heart that believes what sound doctrine has taught my head!

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