Why I'm on a Leash

And the contention was so sharp between them, that they departed asunder one from the other: and so Barnabas took Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus;  And Paul chose Silas, and departed, being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God. - Acts 15:39-40

    There have been throughout the years many ministries and men that I've encountered that I simply do not agree with.  But I do not name them or attack them.  The Lord has me on a leash!  Like the leashed dog, I'm so tempted to name them, growling under my breath, and desiring to make their names the subject of many of my articles and podcasts.  Like Paul and Barnabas, I simply depart from them.  My flesh so desires to name the evils of many men that come in the name of Christ and preach false doctrine in their attempts to divide the brethren.  But I don't, well mostly.  And the reason for this is because the best way to expose darkness is to preach Christ.  But take a look around on this website, and you won't see a lot of attacks upon other individuals.  And the reasons for this are as follows:

  1. It takes the spotlight off of Christ and puts it onto men.  I hope that this website serves as a beacon to the truth in this sad and dismal land.  I don't care what false preachers are doing nearly as much as what I'm doing.  
  2. It invites attacks upon this ministry from others.  It is my desire that this website's reputation is not weakened by baseless accusations.  A bad reputation, even an unjust one formed by slander and malice, is hard to overcome.
  3. I don't want to be wrong about people.  Attacking another individual without talking to them can inflict unnecessary harm on the people of God.  Just because I have privately judged this person or that person as a false teacher, it does not mean I know their heart.  Therefore I cannot exact murder upon them or their ministries by publicly attacking them.  I leave that to the Lord.  I know that this is unpopular in the online sovereign grace circles, as many online ministries are focused only on rebuking eveybody.
  4. There are just too many false teachers out there.  I simply do not have the time to expose all the false teachers that exist!
  5. I want a website dedicated to learning and positive Gospel preaching rather than being sidetracked with the latest controversies.
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