Song of Praise

    Song of Praise for the marvellous deliverance of our Sovereign King, WILLIAM, with the church, and whole kingdom, from the hellish plot, discovered, February 1696

1 No change of time shall ever shock
Our firm affections, Lord to Thee;
For Thou hast always been a Rock,
A Fortress and Defence to me.

2 Our KING preserved is, O God,
By Thy own hand and mighty pow’r;
Thou shield’st him when he is abroad,
At home to him a lasting tow’r.

3 The chariot of the King of kings,
Or troops of mighty angels round,
Encompass him with rapid wings,
And all his foes with shame confound.

4 Black thund’ring clouds most thick conspir’d,
With threatning rage our face to veil,
But at Thy brightness soon retir’d:
Upon our foes falls fire and hail.

5 The Lord doth on our side engage,
From heaven His throne our cause upheld,
And snatch’d us from the furious rage
Of threatning waves that proudly swell’d;

6 God His resistless pow’r employ’d,
Our cruel foes attempts to break;
Or else they might have soon destroy’d
The best defence that we could make.

7 And Gods designs shall still succeed;
Romes bloody sons can’t stand the test,
He’s a strong shield to all that need,
And on His sure protection rest.

8 Who then deserv’st to be ador’d,
But God, on whom our hopes depend,
Or who, except the mighty Lord,
Can with resistless pow’r defend.

9 O let th’ Eternal God be prais’d,
The Rock, on whose defence we rest
O’er highest heav’ns His Name be rais’d,
Who with salvation us hath bless’d’

10 Therefore to celebrate His fame,
Our greatfull voices to heav’n we’ll raise,
Let nations round dread His great Name,
And all be taught to sing His praise.

11 God to our king and nation sends
(Tho’ cile we be) salvation sweet,
Deliv’rance to His saints extends,
To praise His Name therefore tis meet.

12 Hosannahs we to Thee do owe,
Let all the nations worship Thee,
And Thee adore, yea Thee alone,
The Father of Eternity.

13 Thy Name in songs we will adore
Protect Thy saints, and keep them pure;
To Thee lets live forevermore,
Since from curst plots we are secure.

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