What Would it Take?

    Over the years I have with deep regrets watched a number of people leave the gospel.  I confess that the departure of some of them from the gospel of God's grace always makes me think of Christ's words to the disciples on one occasion, "Will ye also go away?"  Will I?  Will you?

    The gospel of the grace of God in Christ is the most precious thing in the world.  It is like a rare, one-of-a-kind jewel not to be found on every street corner.  It is not to be heard in most places of religion today.  My question to all those who are blessed to have someone sent of God to preach this gospel and a place to preach it in is this: what would it take to make you leave the gospel?  I ask this because I have been utterly astounded at the things and reasons for which I have seen people forsake the gospel.  I have seen people do it for a few more dollars a week in the paycheck.  I have seen them do it in order to gain a title, a position or a promotion.  I have seen them do it because of a family member or friend's influence.  I have known of them leaving because of something said they did not like or because some business was not conducted to suit them.  I have seen them leave because they did not agree with all a preacher did or said.  I have heard of them leaving because their undisciplined child had to be called down at a service.  The list of foolish and trivial things is endless over which men and women have abandoned the gospel.  It reveals that the gospel of Christ is not precious to them at all, because by their action . . .

   they esteem their comfort,

   their wealth,

   their honor,

   their families,

   their pride,

   their feelings

   all above Christ and His gospel!

    Better to be poor than lost!

    To be dead than damned!

    To be nobody than to have no Redeemer!

    To have no family or friends that to have no Saviour!

    To have my feelings hurt than to have my soul destroyed!

    To be rebuked and reproved as God has commanded than to be reprobate concerning the faith!

    Hurt feelings have nothing to do with faith in Christ. "Rebuke a wise man and he will love you" (Prov. 9:8).

    I ask my own heart and everyone who has the privilege of hearing the gospel, "What would it take to make you leave the gospel?" Let us be warned as we look at those who have, and their foolish reasons.

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