Some Things I Desire to Do by the Grace of God
  1. Love others without a cause, as Christ did.
  2. Tell someone I love them, expressing it in word and deed.
  3. Tell others I’m sorry and apologize sincerely.
  4. Forgive without being asked forgiveness.
  5. Rightly receive a loving rebuke from a brother.
  6. Benefit by the wisdom and experience of others.
  7. Be taught by those whom God has taught.
  8. Listen in quietness without forcing my opinion.
  9. Sacrifice my will and opinion for the glory of God and the good of His people.
  10. Show kindness and an even temper at anger.
  11. Know, do, and be content in what God gives me to do.
  12. Be courageous, bold and faithful in the declaration and defense of the Gospel, without being arrogant.
  13. Wait on the Lord with patience born out of a confidence that He will work in His time.
  14. Use every God-honoring means to spread the Gospel of God’s grace and glory in Christ.
  15. Above all, to know, love, and trust Christ and be found in Him, having the righteousness that God gives as a gift. To persevere to the end by His preserving power and grace.
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