Sheep Food Tastes Good Regardless of the Dish It's Served Upon!

    The congregations I associate with are filled mostly with older, seasoned and experienced saints that have no more “fight” left in them and just want to support each other in Christ.  Most of them aren’t on Facebook, and if you tried showing them what goes on there, they’d just shake their heads and move on with life.  If they are on Facebook, they use it to see pictures of their grandkids or great grandkids — and that’s about it.  They don’t care who said what, and all they really want is a good word.  They’re no fans of Tozer, but if you printed something and handed it to them, they would first ask, "Is it good?  Is it sheep food?”  And if yes, they’d eat it and be glad.  By eating the food, no statement is being made about the dish it was served upon.  I can eat food off a cardboard box as well as the finest china, and if it’s good, I really don’t care.  

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