Casting Our Cares

    In casting our cares on God there are plainly required three things:

  1. A persuasion that God has complete control in reference to those things which excite our anxiety.
  2. A persuasion that He will use this control in the best way, abstractly considered; and,
  3. A persuasion that He will use this control in the best possible way, as far as we are concerned. I could not get rid of painful anxiety by casting it on God if I did not believe He could sustain it.

    What lies at the very basis here is the conviction that God is the sovereign of the universe, uncontrolled and uncontrollable. He is one, “Whose Kingdom ruleth over all,” “Who can do everything,” “Whose arm none can stay,” to Whom none dare say, “What doest Thou?” I cannot cast my care, all my care, on Him unless I believe that His power is guided by wisdom and righteousness. If I were not convinced that God is possessed of infinite wisdom and righteousness, it would increase my anxieties, not diminish them. He who has all things under His control is perfect in knowledge, infinite in wisdom, and glorious in holiness. He does all things well.

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