Preserved in Christ

To them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ - Jude 1:1

    How wonderful it is to know that God's elect and chosen people are preserved in Christ.  Not just after they come to believe the truth by the Holy Spirit as it is presented in the Gospel, but even before they come to believe.  They have been joined together with Christ from eternity as they were given to Him in eternity.  Before they were born, or ever lived a life of sin, they were joined to Him.  He is their surety, their Covenant Head, and Protector.
    Because they are joined to Christ from before the foundation of the world, it follows that every aspect of their lives are also ordered from before the foundation of the world.  They are preserved in Him, even while they are ignorant of Him.  When they are effectually called and experience His love, this love while it may be new to them, it is not new to Christ.  He has preserved them until such a time and place that they come to know Him.
    Christ's people cannot and will not die until they are effecually called.  They may become sick with the deadliest of diseases, but they still won't die until they are called.  God has ordered all things for their benefit and will reveal Himself to them before they pass from this world.
    God's elect are watched over and cared for every moment of their lives.  They are preserved in Christ before knowing Him, and they will be preserved for the rest of their lives.  It is such a comfort and joy to know that all the aspects of their lives, including the evils of sin and false religion have been ordered in such a way that no everlasting harm can truly be done.  And if you believe and love the Lord, you too can be thankful for God's preserving love in Christ!

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