False Shepherds of Subtle Deception

    But there is another class of false shepherds of a totally different stamp, who are great zealots for the precepts of God's Word, and the ordinances of His house, but whose object is secretly to infuse a spirit of self-righteousness, to lead the people up to what they call holiness, as though holiness were something to be attained by diligent cultivation; and thus they draw them aside from lying as poor miserable sinners at the foot of the cross and bring them to lean upon something in self, whereby dishonor is done to the Holy Ghost, as teacher of the church of God, and to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our sanctification as well as our righteousness.

    Whatever leads a man away from lying at the foot of the cross, from godly fear, reverential awe, and a trembling sense of God's presence, whatever draws him aside from communion with Jesus, from contrition and self-renunciation, does not come from God.

    Whatever Scriptural language it be dressed out in, whatever piety and holiness are worn in the features, manner, and garb of the preacher, whatever zeal, devotion, and fervor he seems to carry with him, yea, though he comes as an angel of light, he and his message are to be rejected if he teach anything that leads the soul away from the cross of the Lord Jesus.

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