Stop Putting God in a Box!

    I'm convinced that we as believers really need to stop putting God in a neatly wrapped box.  We need to stop neatlly wrapping all the truth of God into an easy box that we can simply unwrap and just be content with our nice little package.  What I mean by that is we need to stop relying on our formulas and return to the whole of Scripture in order to discern the truth.  A lot of men think that that the five points of Calvinism, or what we call TULIP is ALL there is to the Gospel.  Or they focus on a particular truth of Scripture like election, and make that their sole box in which to live.  I agree that TULIP and the doctrine of election are wonderful topics to study, but there is more to the Gospel and the Scriptures than a neatly arranged flower.  We need to stop walking around with formulas on how to live, and what to believe.  The whole of Scripture is our judge.  

   And we can never learn all of it - at least not while we are still living on this side of heaven!  As we grow older, we continue to learn.  As we grow older, we learn to be more LOVING, more JOYFUL, more PATIENT, and MORE KIND.  We also mature in our understanding of GRACE and MERCY.  We begin to see ourselves MORE for who we REALLY are.  We are WRETCHED. And sometimes we just learn through experience in GOD’S TIME, not our own. 

   Some men make the judging of others the box by which they choose to live their life.  They even embrace others based on their judgments of other men rather than the confession of Christ.  Their box says, "this or that person is not one of us!"  And if you don't agree with their box, you then get added to a box as one who is not "one of them."  "Don't listen to this guy because he listens to some guy who isn't in our box!"

    It is my opinion that we need to stop putting everybody into nice neat little boxes.  Let’s stop using CREEDS and CONFESSIONS to define truth.  Let’s go to Scripture, STUDY, and even stop putting OUR GOD in a Box.  Sometimes our BIGGEST HINDRANCE to learning are these boxes in which we compartmentalize everyone, including God Himself.  Sometimes our biggest hindrance is what we already know - or what we THINK we know!

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