The Trinity

For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. - 1 John 5:7

    I have always had a hard time understanding how God, being one is also three.  The mind cannot take in all that God is, and some preachers suggest we shouldn't try to figure it out, that we should just take the Scriptures at face value and accept the seeming paradox.  Henry Mahan once stated, “that man is a fool who denies the Trinity and that man is also a fool who tries to explain the Trinity.”  I agree with the sentiment of this quote and identify as a fool, not because I don't believe, but because I have often tried to explain the Trinity myself.  I do believe that we can try to understand and explain in part.  I agree that nobody can fully understand the Trinity and fully explain, save God Himself.  God hasn't revealed all knowledge to us, and perhaps He never will.   But He's given us a renewed mind and the actual Scriptures.

    I believe God has a single mind in the sense that one body of knowledge is known by all three persons of the Trinity.  Hence, He is ONE.  This body of knowledge includes all true propositions, and because God knows them, it validates their veracity.   Additionally, amongst the Godhead, there are three distinct perspectives on this body of knowledge.  And these views exist because of the activities of each member of the Godhead.  Christ's work on the cross is the central theme of Scripture, but only one member of the Godhead (The Son) knows of this work as "I went to the cross."  Christ is distinct from both the Spirit and the Father in His activities and His relationship to this body of knowledge.  That is the only way in my pitiful mind that the Trinity make any sense to me.    I may be wrong here though, and my explanation as Henry stated may be quite foolish.   

    I do agree with the Scriptures though!  God is three in one.  I must admit my explanation of the Trinity is poor, and I am a foolish mercy beggar who desires to know more about our Lord.  I'm sure I'm missing out on so much more!  May God give us all the ability to believe this wonderful truth of Scripture.  And may the Lord be pleased to give us more and greater understanding of Him, His mysteries, and His glory!

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