Revisiting the Made Sin Controversy

    One of my recent articles, Revisiting the Made Sin Controversy, has received a lot of attention from some dear brothers of mine. One even recently wrote a 42 page rebuttal to me personally. I think it was deeply bothersome to some folks, but that's ok. I don't expect everyone to agree with me on it, from either side of the so-called controversy.

    I would like to add one other point that others may be overlooking. I do not believe anyone that I associate with believes that Christ experienced rebellion within His very person. I think that is false doctrine, one that is quite ridiculous and heretical, and one that I think both sides of the debate would find that they agree if they could actually sit down and really talk and listen to each other.

    I find it particularly sad that these brothers are unwilling to even sit down and talk to each other with love and empathy and understanding. This is what is wrong with churches today. There is a lack of love. Instead, many prefer to cast aspersions from afar via the tools of the Internet.

    Grace and Peace,

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