The Church's Greatest Need

    The greatest thing the church needs in this time, is God's Holy Spirit.

    You all get up plans and say, "Now, if the church were altered a little bit, it would go on better."

    You think if there were different ministers, or different church order, or something different, then all would be well.

    No, dear friends, the mistake does not lie there, it is that we need more of the Spirit- his power and influence.

    But now people are saying, "This must be altered, and that must be altered." But it would go no better unless God the Spirit should come to bless us.

    You may have the same ministers, and they shall be a thousand times more useful for God, if God is pleased to bless them.

    You shall have the same deacons, they shall be a thousand times more influential than they are now, when the Spirit is poured down upon them from on high.

    That is the church's great lack, and until that lack be supplied, we may reform, and reform, and still be just the same.

    We need the Holy Spirit, and then whatever faults there may be in our churches, they can never materially impede the progress of Christianity, when once the Spirit of the Lord God is in our midst.

    All we need is the Spirit of God.

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