The Beginning of the Modern Free Grace Movement
Free Grace among Baptists in the South

    If we were to pick a date for the revival or resurgence of sovereign grace we would choose the summer of 1949 at the Sword of the Lord Conference at Tocoa Falls, Georgia, sponsored by John R. Rice. The Conference was dedicated to the promotion of evangelism and soul winning techniques. The speakers that year were Dr Rice, Lee Roberson, Bill Rice, E. J. Daniels and Rolfe Barnard. 

    Barnard was the first speaker on Monday night. When he stood up to preach he asked all the young preachers to open their Bibles to Romans 9 and all the old preachers to keep theirs shut, for they would not believe anything he was going to say. Of course, all opened their Bibles. Barnard preached for one hour on 'Sovereign Grace and Mercy'. By the next morning the Conference was in turmoil. By the middle of the week, Dr Rice asked Barnard to leave the conference.

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