The Satisfaction of Christ

    The finishing and making an entire end of sin — this was Christ's work assigned him in covenant and asserted in prophecy. And which was done when he made reconciliation or atonement for sin (Dan 9:24)? Not that the being of sin was removed thereby, for that remains in all the justified and sanctified ones in this life, but the damning power of it [was removed]. Those for whom Christ has made satisfaction shall never come into condemnation nor be hurt by the second death: that shall have no power over them. Sin is so done and put away and abolished by the sacrifice of Christ for it that no charge can ever be brought against his people for it. The curse of the law cannot reach them, nor light upon them. Nor any sentence of condemnation and death can be executed on them. Nor any punishment inflicted on them. They are secure from wrath to come.

    Sin is so finished and made an end of by Christ's satisfaction for it that it will be seen no more by the eye of avenging justice. It is so put away and out of sight that when it is sought for, it shall not be found. God, for Christ's sake, has cast it behind his back and into the depths of the sea (Micah 7:19).

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