Why Do We Gather Together With the Saints?

    Multitudes attend (what men call) "church services" all over the world.  Many go because it is a habit; others go believing it will save them.  Many go because it makes them feel better about themselves, like the Pharisee who "thanked God he wasn't as other men."  But why do we, you and I attend?  What are our reasons?  What is our motive?

  1. We gather together to hear the Gospel of the free grace of God in Christ, not just to hear preaching that has no substance to it.

  2. We come to worship God, to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.  Unbelievers cannot worship, they don't know Christ nor God.  They can come and listen, but cannot worship.

  3. We attend because we have a need; we need Christ, to hear of Him.  We have a hunger and a thirst and only the gospel of Christ can satisfy us.

  4. We also attend to support and be an encouragement to other believers, and we need the support and encouragement of our brethren.

    May God make us as one who would not discourage or hinder anyone who comes to hear the gospel.

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