They've Traded the Beauty, of TULIP's Five Points

Pharisees on social media, they brag and they boast
About all that they know, but they miss the most
Important truth of all, the truth of sovereign grace
They lack love and kindness, their hearts in a race

To prove they are right, to prove they are saved
But they fail to see, that it's not by what they've paved
But by grace alone, that we find our way
To the cross and the love, that on us does stay

Their pride is evident, in all that they do
They criticize and judge, they tear others down too
They offer conditional love, with strings attached
But true love is free, it's not something to be snatched

They've traded the beauty, of TULIP's five points
For corruption and pride, that only disappoints
Let us not be like them, let us not stray
From the truth of God's love, that shows us the way

Topics: Neo-Gnosticism Brandan's Poetry
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