Church Splits and Divisions, It's a Sad Sight to See

It's sad to see, how sovereign grace believers
Separate themselves, from one another, their friendships wither
Due to suspicions and allegations, of false doctrine and such
Alliances and personalities, it all becomes too much

Church splits and divisions, it's a sad sight to see
When believers in grace, can't just agree to disagree
Lost friendships and hurt feelings, it's all too common a tale
But the love of Christ, it should never fail

For we are all brothers and sisters, in His love and grace
We should not let our differences, keep us from sharing His face
Let us strive to love one another, as He first loved us
For it's in His love and grace, that our unity is a plus

So let us not divide, let us not separate
But rather let us love and forgive, and our friendships rejuvenate
For it's in His love, that we find our way
To unity and peace, in Him let us stay

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