Theological Pride, a Deadly Sin

Theological pride, a deadly sin,
It lurks within, and tugs within,
We must be vigilant, or else it grows,
Like a weed, it chokes out love and grows,

We think we're right, we think we know,
But do we show, the love that flows,
From Christ, our Lord, our guiding light,
Do we fight, with all our might,

For truth and love, or just to win,
Our pride within, consumes us within,
We must repent, and turn away,
From this deadly sin, that leads astray,

Let love lead the way, in all we do,
Let Christ be true, in all we pursue,
For only then, will we be free,
From pride and sin, and truly see,

The love of Christ, in all its might,
And bask in His light, shining bright.

Topics: Neo-Gnosticism Brandan's Poetry
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