Secondary Issues, They Can Cause Such Strife

Secondary issues, they can cause such strife
Elevated above the Gospel, it's just not right
Water baptism, the Lord's Supper too
Denominational views, and judgment of others anew

We must keep the Gospel primary, that's the key
Avoiding false doctrine, it's not easy to see
But when we're gathered, we must keep the focus on the Lord
Not elevating secondary issues, that's the true reward

Denominational views, they shouldn't matter
Judgment of others, it's all just chatter
Miscellaneous issues, they shouldn't be the main thing
The Gospel of grace, it's our everything

Let us continue steadfast, in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship
Not allowing secondary issues to cause us to slip
May we keep the Gospel at the forefront of our hearts
And embrace grace, not tearing us apart

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