In Facebook Debates, Where Hatred and Division Begin

The internet's a blessing, we all know,
A way to publish and let our thoughts flow,
But oh how it's revealed our hearts so black and stony,
As believers skewer each other, all too often lonely.

We sit behind screens, anonymous and free,
To attack and belittle, with cruelty and glee,
But we forget on the other end is a man,
A sinner like us, blood-bought by God's own hand.

So let us think before we type and send,
Ask ourselves why, and if it's necessary to defend,
Is there a better way to get our point across,
Without hurting others and causing needless loss?

Let's attack concepts, not men, with love and care,
Preach the truth, and let love and kindness be our share,
For others will know us by how we love, not how we win,
In Facebook debates, where hatred and division begin.

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