In Christ We Find True Relief

Over twenty years ago, I discovered a truth, 
The sovereignty of God, it was a proof,
I loved the endless implications it brought,
And so I studied and I sought.

I learned of grace and its particular ways,
And how the gospel is not offered, but presented in grace,
I learned of salvation from above,
Not a result of duty, but a gift of love.

I learned of God's sovereignty, how all things He ordained,
Even the tiniest, His plan for salvation obtained,
And I rejoiced in the doctrine of Justification from Eternity, 
And how sanctification is in Christ alone, and not our ability.

But now, I've learned to be tolerant of others' opinions, 
For all true knowledge and revelation is a gift, granted by the Father's dominion, 
And when I see those who claim to share my perspective, yet act with arrogance and strict dogmatism,
I am distressed and heartbroken, for they miss Christ's own prism.

So let us remember, in our debates and discussions,
To remain gracious, forgiving, and peaceable, with love and compassion,
For we may not agree on every doctrine and belief,
But in Christ, we find true relief.

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