Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a Man of Great Renown

Charles Haddon Spurgeon,
A man of great renown
Preacher of the Gospel,
Spread truth all around

But even in death,
His name is dragged through the mud
Slandered and attacked,
By those who never knew him

They pick at his bones,
And condemn him anew
Determined to find fault,
In all that he would do

They take his words out of context,
Twist and distort their meaning
In an effort to discredit,
All that he was preaching

But Spurgeon spoke the truth,
Of God's great love and grace
He preached of Jesus,
And the gift of His embrace

So let us not join in,
The bashing of this man
But instead, let's honor him,
For all that he began

Let us learn from his teachings,
And the wisdom he did impart
And let us follow in his footsteps,
With a faithful and open heart.

Topics: Neo-Gnosticism Brandan's Poetry
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