It is Finished!

When Jesus hung upon the tree
His cry was loud and clear to see
"It is finished!" He did say
And with those words, He did slay

The power of sin and death that night
For He is the source of life and light
But some would say, "Not yet, it's true
For it's not finished until I say it's through"

Such arrogance, to think that we
Could make His work complete 
Like telling a contractor, "Wait a minute, my friend
This building's not finished, until I say it's the end"

Or telling a composer, "Your symphony's not done
Until I give it my approval, and say it's won"
Such thoughts are foolish, don't you see
For when He said "It is finished!" it was meant to be

So let us trust in His great work
And the gift of salvation that we did not deserve
For He has finished it, once and for all
And by His grace, we stand tall

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