Shibboleths, Words that Divide

Shibboleths, words that divide,
Phrases that are often misused,
A way to distinguish groups apart,
But sometimes, they are simply misconstrued.

Some say Christ's sacrifice was sufficient for all,
But efficient only for the elect, it's true
But to me, that doesn't make sense,
For Christ's death was only for His chosen few.

There are other phrases that we may hear,
From believers who don't quite understand,
They repeat them without thinking,
And sometimes, they are out of hand.

God helps those who help themselves,
The Holy Spirit is a gentleman,
Good luck, and hold to God's unchanging hand,
These phrases can be misleading, and not grand.

As we grow in grace and knowledge,
We learn the implications of our words,
We shed those shibboleths that are incorrect,
And speak more truthfully, truth that should be heard.

So let's be patient and loving,
With those who use language that's not right,
We should gently point out the error,
And help them see the truth, in the light.

Let's not judge too harshly,
But rather encourage and support,
For we are all brothers and sisters,
In Christ, and His love, we ought to court.

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