Oh, Which Error is More Grave?

Oh, which error is more grave? 
A question that weighs heavy on my mind,
For those I meet on gospel ground,
Are they true heirs, of the same kind?

The Lord puts friends and foes in our way,
As we walk towards the kingdom above,
We recognize our friends as fellow heirs,
On our journey in His eternal love.

We love them and affectionately call them "brother" and "sister,"
Symbolic of our acceptance, not to be taken lightly,
These names are reserved for God's chosen elect, 
Children of God, who have passed from darkness to light.

But what about those we're not sure of,
Do we embrace them as brethren too?
What about those who know the gospel,
But struggle to express it, true?

Scott Richardson had a saying,
"If I don't get you in Christ, I'll get you in Adam,"
Meaning, affectionately referring to someone as brother,
Cannot be wrong, if in kindness, we extend.

So if I am to err, let it be on the side of love,
Embracing those who confess Christ and His truth, 
Showing interest in the gospel,
Not nitpicking, or examining their faith with a fine-tooth.

For withholding love and affection,
From those the Lord has bought,
Is a greater error, than embracing,
An unbeliever, we are unable to spot.

Let us love and embrace,
With open hearts and open arms,
For in this, the Holy Spirit,
Will guide us, and keep us from harm.

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