Has Jesus Been Lost in Your TULIP?

Has Jesus been lost in your TULIP,
As you argue with others, day and night?
Do you think you're the one who's right,
As you defend your doctrine with all your might?

You cling to your beliefs with pride,
As you fight for your theology's fame.
But the love of Christ has been pushed aside,
As you focus on winning your holy game.

You think you're the one who knows best,
With your understanding of TULIP so clear.
But you've forgotten the One who gives rest,
As you let your pride take over, my dear.

Remember, dear friend, that TULIP ends in Christ alone,
It's not about us and our knowledge and might.
It's about Him and His love that's shown,
In all that we do, day and night.

So let go of your pride and your need to be right,
And focus on loving Christ with all your heart.
Then you'll see that TULIP shines bright,
As you follow Him, and never depart.

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