How Wonderful it is to Know

How wonderful it is to know,
That God's elect are preserved in Christ.
Before they ever lived or sinned,
They were joined to Him, from eternity.

He is their surety, their Covenant Head,
Their Protector, from before the world began.
All aspects of their lives, ordained by God,
Preserved in Christ, before they knew His plan.

When they are called, and experience His love,
It may be new to them, but not to Christ.
He has preserved them, until that time,
When they come to know Him, and His love sublime.

God's elect cannot and will not die,
Until they are called, to the Lord on high.
Even if they're sick, with deadly disease,
They will be preserved, with Christ's love and peace.

God watches over His elect with care,
Preserving them, in His love and grace.
If we believe and love the Lord,
We too can be thankful, for His preserving embrace.

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