With Words of Fire, They Preach and Teach

With words of fire, they preach and teach,
The preachers on Facebook, so out of reach,
Of the true message of Christianity,
A message of love and humility.

They speak ill of tolerance and compromise,
But all they do is criticize,
Root out the "heretics" with a zeal,
But the true message they fail to reveal.

For Christianity is not a battle,
Against those who may rattle,
Our beliefs with different views,
But a call to follow Jesus' cues.

The hunt for heresy, tolerance and compromise,
Leads to an out of balance Christianity,
For it's not about being in the right "camp,"
But about loving and serving like a lamp.

And even posting this may bring,
Labels of "tolerance" upon my being,
But I'd rather be labeled as such,
Than to be known for hate and such.

For it was the Lord who was tolerant,
Of the likes of me and you,
His kindness and patience,
Leads us to repentance, it's true.

Let us remember love and grace,
As we walk in this Christian race,
And leave the sorting out to the Lord,
As we spread His message abroad.

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