Professor or Possessor, Which One Are You?

Professor or possessor, which one are you?
One who studies and defends, or one who sees and comprehends.
One who professes words, or one who feels the Lord's embrace.
One who's in it for the show, or one who's found true grace.

Religious camps have many professors,
Who maintain their status with doctrines and confessors.
But true salvation is not found in words alone,
It's a possession of the heart, a seed that's fully grown.

The possessor, they come to truth through trial and pain,
Feeling their own sin and longing for heavenly gain.
They sense their nakedness and long for robes to cover,
Burdened by guilt they flee to Calvary, there's no other.

So do not be fooled by an outward appearance,
True possession is an inward reality and experience.
It's not about reciting the latest talking points,
But Christ's sovereign grace that transforms and anoints.

So professor or possessor, which one will you be?
One who studies and defends, or one who's set free.
A mere appearance, or an inward reality,
The choice is God’s, in Christ's love and mercy.

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