Knowledge Alone Cannot Save Our Soul

Scriptures we search, in them we find
Eternal life, we think is ours to bind
But knowledge alone, cannot save our soul
For salvation lies, in the One who makes us whole

The Pharisees thought, they knew the way
But missed the Savior, right before their eyes that day
And still today, some think they're saved
By what they know, not by the One who gave

Doctrine is important, it defines our faith
But it's not the key, to eternal life's safe
For salvation's not based on what we know
But on Christ, who loved us long ago

Many will boast, of deeds done in His name
But if not known by Him, eternal life they'll claim in vain
So let us not rely, on our knowledge or our deeds
But on the Savior, who alone our souls will lead.

Topics: Brandan's Poetry
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