Marc Carpenter, with Followers in Tow

Marc Carpenter, with followers in tow,
Preaching a doctrine, that's twisted and flawed.
They say unregenerate men, cannot speak any truth,
But regenerate men, can never err, in their youth.

They judge and slander, all who disagree,
Saying if mistaken, then unsaved they'll be.
But salvation's not based, on judging right,
Or on what we know, or what we sight.

They've added to the Gospel, an error so vile,
Condemned by Paul, and rejected by God's trial.
Let us not follow, their false way,
But trust in the Savior, who leads us to eternal day.

For it's not in our knowledge, or what we believe,
But in the One who died, and rose to achieve,
Salvation for His people, through His sacrifice, 
Not in the hands of these false prophets, who pay a high price.

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