The Scriptures speak of quietness,
An effect of righteousness.
The Shepherd leads by waters still,
With a quietness that blesses.

Paul tells us to study, to be quiet,
To strive for a peaceful spirit.
In a woman, it's a treasure rare,
An ornament of great merit.

A secret of strength lies in the still,
In quietness and trust.
A force that's greater than the loud,
That speaks with a hushed gust.

Like the sunbeams that fall silently,
With energy and power.
Like gravity, a silent force,
That holds the stars in place, hour after hour.

In the calm and quiet life,
The greatest strength is found.
From the love of a mother,
To the patience of a saint who's bound.

So if we want to be strong,
We must learn to be quiet.
In speech and action, still and calm,
With self-control, we'll find it.

The grace of Christ, it softens and refines,
It curbs boisterousness to still.
It restrains the angry feelings,
And teaches love to fill.

Like Christ, we'll be quiet,
With a calmness in our souls.
We'll speak with gentle tones,
And temper our control.

May we learn the lesson well,
Of quietness and peace.
It will bring us strength,
And in love, we'll never cease.

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