Galatians 5:15, a Verse So True

Galatians 5:15, a verse so true,
A warning from Paul, to me and you.
To bite and devour, like cannibals do,
Is not just physical, but spiritual too.

To backbite, gossip, and be selfish too,
To control and judge, to hurt and bruise.
To destroy reputations, to divide and fight,
Is not of God, but of the devil's might.

We are called to be uniters, not dividers,
To promote peace, and love one another.
To adorn the doctrine of our Lord,
In all things, and in one accord.

Let us stop looking for faults in each other,
And instead spend our time on our Savior.
For to fight and destroy, is not the way,
But to love and forgive, is here to stay.

Let us mark the dividers, and remove them from our midst,
For to fight and argue, is not of Christ.
With so few believers in this world of unbelief,
Let us work together, to avoid all the grief.

So let us not be like cannibals,
Eating each other, destroying all.
But let us be like Christ, loving and kind,
And in all things, have peace of mind.

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