But Now as Death Approaches Near

Let me take you to a chamber, dear,
Where life's last breath will soon be near,
And as you lay there, weak and low,
Your thoughts will turn, don't you know?

To actions, big and small, you've done,
With pride you thought them second to none, 
But now, as death approaches near,
Their worth, a different story to hear.

The money made, with such great care,
With cleverness, beyond compare,
But now as life begins to fade,
Its value, a mere shadow shade.

The greatest deeds, now seem so small,
As death casts its shadow, over all,
And pride, now turns to bitter shame,
For wasting life, on paltry game.

The bubbles burst, the pretense exposed,
As the mind reflects on what was chose,
And you, as mad, will then appear,
For spending life, on things so dear.

So take heed, dear soul, before it's late,
And ponder on what truly rates,
For at death's door, you will come to know,
The true worth of what you did bestow.

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